June 2013

June is here and that tells us that another year is nearly half over! School is out and vacations have started which mark the traditional beginning of those coveted summertime moments! Although summer is officially her per the calendar, the truth is, it’s a bit colder than normal and April’s showers seem intent on seeing every season through all up and down the east coast. While Photography by Chanda is not one to scoff about the elements given we love the impact they have on cherished moments but we like all of you are ready for some warmer temps, sunshine and blue skies. 

This June birthdays are in full swing which makes for yummy treats and fun, unforgettable pics too! Documenting a birthday party is super amazing. Why? Because the people that are the most important to you will be there. Since we just never know who will be around for your next big day, it’s truly special to capture everyone as they celebrate the magic birthdays bring. This month Mr. Kooper turns 2 with his vroom theme. What fun! Unfortunately Kooper lost his grandma last year, which was very sad for the family but the good news is his great grandma is flew in from California to be with everyone to celebrate his birthday! Lucky little man! See these priceless pics of them together adding to one of our own treasures, a superhero that has style and dimples. Pierce turns 5 this month too! How in the world does time go by so fast? Sloooow down little man! Pics shot of his special day by Brandy to follow. Thanks girl!

As you can tell Kooper had very exciting guests… his aunts… lol his mommy is a twin.. can you tell which one…? love you Kooper and fam!

Happy Birthday to our Pierce a fresh five…. Thanks to Brandy for capturing this beautiful day full of superhero friends and family… what a special treat and of course Amy with wow factor cakes did Pierce’s cake along with Kooper’s above as a side note. lol we love some AMY… lol With celebrations of life also come ones of loss which is an unfortunate yet very real part of life. This month I had to take an unexpected trip back to my roots to celebrate the life of my uncle Buddy. IMG_3011.JPGThis is pic i shot on my phone of a pic I love my aunt Patsy and her hubby buddy… xoxo While the trip was not on the happiest note, it was truly great to be around my Kelley family. I got back in time to document a best year ever for a mother, wife and a lawyer too who recently received news of cancer. Ugh! This is news no one wants to ever hear or for that fact, should hear. But life has plans for us that we sometimes cannot control and should it occur and you have time to ‘live before you go’, hopefully you’ll have the support of family and friends to make it the best year ever for you. Two small children and unfortunately heard those dreaded words ‘you have cancer’ and as a result, her friends, family and even us at Photography by Chanda Cares will endeavor to make it the ‘best year ever’ for her and keep the memories going. What that means is that we have been blessed to document her and her friends and family. It truly touched my heart and melts me to think this could happen to anyone life is so fragile.

 just some random precious moments… xoxo

And another sweet lil humble moment is to have another one of images grace the cover of The Little Ones magazine for the June issue…

Miley is making us look amazing…. Go Miley!!!
Norah turned 6 months and I invite you to see her gorgeous self just growing beautifully. She’s got captivating blue eyes and is as calm as a cucumber until Momma is around then she is all about her Momma for sure.

What a little doll and cute as a button. Don’t forget about big sis Arden who is just stunning. These lil girls are documenting some last memories at their old house. ”

This story touches my heart like no other, truly! I started in her life when she was just days old and now this lil love is 5 and on another surgery to make her the best she can be. She is a bright light, strong, finds beauty in anything and has the most positive attitude of any lil girl I know for sure!!!

Trulyn love you and love your attitufde to the moon and back… we pray the rest of your surgeries will go as smooth as possible for you…. such a big boy… 🙂

The Lewis children never disappoint with their talents and beauty, for sure! Between soccer, skateboarding and gymnastics, these kiddos put their hearts into everything they do and their parents are absolutely amazing too. Honestly I just adore this family!


One of my fav families ever is the Ellison family. Going on six years of documenting them and it’s been a fun ride thus far. This go around, I’m documenting their new addition Olive who is fluffy, precious and just a few weeks old. This month we’re heading to the place they are staying at till their new house is finished. Love these guys… Xoxo.

As summer heats up so do Momma’s who are just ready to burst and ready to see greet their new munchkins. For this family it’s a matter of time before lil man will come out to meet his big brother and daddy. Take a look at this momma who is a true beauty…simple and gorgeous!


As I mentioned above life is fragile and the importance of spending time with those you love and capturing those memories. Reid here is almost 3 months and gets to visit his cousins who turned one year old the day the pics were shot. Happy 1st Birthday to Davis and Griffin! Don’t forget about big brother who is a lil helper for sure. What more can you ask for on your birthday, other than being surrounded by those who you love and love you the most? Well, a generation pic of the boys with Great Grandpa of course; these shots are absolutely priceless and get me tearing up each and every time without fail. Also being Father’s Day this month…. what an extra special moment of treasure…. to all amazing father’s out there Happy Father’s Day… love and miss you Dad…

I think we might have a lil more space to feature another family… momma kate and her trio…. she is an amazing store owner Poppies and a mother to these children…. I have had the pleasure documenting them for years and just love to see them grow and sprout into their own beings…. Georgia, Lily, and Jack

these children push their momma to be the best she can… and i just love this….When a picture tells more than a story…. it sure is a keeper in our book! With always and cannot wait to show you for what is in store for the rest of the summer…. we have to get ready to pack our bags again….. Once again thanks for stopping by and showing your love… love us…. xoxo