Brandy -  Photographer at Photography by Chanda in Huntersville NC. 28078Brandy - Photographer at Photography by Chanda in Huntersville NC. 28078

Brandy's Story

Growing up, I was always the girl who had a camera with me wherever I went, taking pictures of just about anything that caught my eye. Back then, photography was a hobby; something I adored and pursued with great passion, yet I never dreamed it would develop into my profession.

I truly love every moment of what I do. Photos can transform a fleeting moment into a permanent memory, or make a statement without saying a word. They can be powerful or sweet, and to me they are incredibly important. What I have learned since I started working with Chanda is that great photos are about capturing true emotion, and all of the little moments that make life important. It is truly a privilege. 

Over the past ten years Chanda and I have spent time all over the world capturing memories.  From shooting a baby baptism in Switzerland to a vacationing family in Italy, weddings and events from New England to the Great Lakes and all over the south while shooting family vacations along the way.  Some of my more memorable trips involved me shooting a session upside down in both a plane and a roller coaster!  

I happen to live down the street from Chanda and her gang with my two kiddos, husband, dog and cat.  I love to volunteer in my community and I am a big advocate for education. I can't wait to capture your story.


Cheers, Brandy