May 2013

Photography by Chanda is busy, busy, busy shooting raindrops that keep falling…on my head, on your head and heck on everyone’s heads too! We’re capturing every single moment of this delightful deluge that has been occurring everywhere this Spring. In fact here in Charlotte the Hopkinson braved the rain which made for some amazing pics! It felt like we were in the jungle during the shoot because of the dew deposits and colors that surfaced right after the rain or between rainfalls and sprinkles. Just stunning! I cannot express how much I adore these moments when the elements are infused in the pics! Love the adventurous families who don’t let a little rain put a damper on the family photos. It makes for the some of the best pictures ever taken. You just can’t plan this stuff. Sorry so late so i will make May news short as we can… gosh to hard to many amazing things to talk about…yet, here i am in June trying to get this up… lol

Adorable lil family of four Momma Heather and her boys… and yes she is one fine realitor in the charlotte area as well… so you might recognize her and her hubby!!!

This May we traveled to Emerald Isle, NC to document one special family on their vaca. Total fun! Their daughter is one beautiful lil girl with so much to say. I mean she had more to say than me…and that says a lot! Look at that fun we had for a couple of days…

Recently I re-visited one amazing family, the Holdens, who just over a year ago had to say goodbye to their miracle daughter Dagen Ruth. She became their angel who is now watching over them, in particular, her new lil sister Haylen who is busy growing in momma’s belly.

Goose bumps effortlessly surface while documenting them experiencing this amazing point in their lives. It’s hard not to get lost in the recollection of photographing biggest sister Maryn in momma’s belly over 5 years ago. Rain is not the only thing falling but tears too as this family is so dear to my heart. The gifts that this family has given me are truly more special than anyone can imagine; someone that truly knows me inside and out.

From one amazing family to the next, like stepping stones of wondrous moments connecting me to you. Dawn Strouse is not only a very special part of my team; but of my life. She is truly like a sister to me and an Aunt to my kids; I’m beyond fortunate to have her in my life. I’m not sure if you know the story between us. Dawn started off as a client of mine when Sulli was just a lil over 1 year old. Well Sulli is now 6 and her momma working with us for the last 2 years. Dawn and her family have been going through the most difficult times some people could not even imagine but manages to put a smile, which is something I love and admire about her. Catch a glimpse here into the love of Strouse family; beautiful!

and just love this of Dawn… she is just this stunning this is her question look to me at all times… “hmm Chanda what do you mean” my chandaism… is a lot to take in… trust me… as anyone…especially my girls… lol love u Dawn

Brandy and I have been asked, ‘Do you shoot traditional photos?’ My answer is – we try! But honestly it’s not our forte. I’d say Photography by Chanda’s style is photo-journalistic; essentially capturing life as it develops, actions as they occur, love as it blossoms, emotion as it surfaces and laughter as it emerges. But hey, we’re all about making people happy, or at least trying. So much so that one client, knowing that we’re non-traditional, put faith in us to produce as close to tradish photos as we could get. And the results, well, let’s just say the results of stunning little Grace from Raleigh made it a fun effort. Love pics here! We hope you do too!

just stunning she is……………xoxo

We had a lil room to add some new clients this month; the Eller family is one of them. Clap your hands because the Daddy is an emergency room doctor who works long hours. There is something to be said about good doctors. They do not get enough credit! Thank you for all you do. Take a look at this family…

girls girls girls; admittedly I was in heaven just a bit during this shoot…they were so much fun!

Another new client the Kelso family just started their family and look at this lil man!!!!! OMG Happy birthday!

It’s so crazy how things are so connected in life ironic that my mentor Honour Hiers documented the Kelso’s wedding and now I’m documenting their family. Honour got me where I am today over 12 years ago. She just opened up her own gallery alongside her hubby Douglas. Go check out The Honour Stewart Gallery! Her botanical work is so fab and breathtaking. I am so proud of her!

On the home front, Alex had his junior prom. He went with Emily, a gorgeous, intelligent girl. She might look familiar because she was on the show Smarter than a 5th grader.

She may kill me for saying that but I had to let you know because she really is so smart. I cannot wait for these kids to make this world a better place…truly proud! and of course thanks to Brandy for always being there to capture these memories and always some boy always missing…I guess that happens with a big family!!!My pride extends to my lil man Pierce who graduated from Pre-school.

We shed a combination of tears of joy and tears of sadness as our lil stage man is growing up so fast. Check him out sporting his favorite accessory bow ties and ties and our family pic that friday morning while preston and alex are in school our family attempted pic by grandma… laughs for sure… lol and yes that is a lil girl that they have to hug everyday… o boy… lol

Ending May on a good note and I hope all you do too!
With love always even with umbrellas,