July 2013

Photography by Chanda is packing up our bags yet again, heading to the coast of the Carolinas to photograph some super fab families. From Hilton Head to Charlestown to Folly Beach. . . well you name it and we have probably been there this month with bells, whistles and even, wounds! You read that right, we said wounds! The coast introduced Brandy and I to prickly cactus bushes. OUCH. pesky sand ants. . . YIKES. . . and so much more. But hey you know us; we do not let ANYTHING get in our way of an awesome shot!

This summer has been interesting thus far threatening and even photo shoots with heavy rain and seemingly endless storms. This entire month we have had record breaking rain sessions with umbrellas and rain boots, playing and jumping in the puddles and getting downright soaked. . . but like we said nothing stops us and we are so happy that you all embrace it too! Yet in the midst of bad weather the sun does shine to provide the perfect backdrop for some pretty great pics. Just take a peek at these pics and see firsthand that there is nothing and I mean nothing like beach family vaca pictures with amazing weather. insert pics And now, take a look at lil man Evan who is growing like a weed…

Pretty great stuff huh? We think so too!
Thunder and Lightning are not the only twins making noise this month. From our lenses we have seen a trend of twin boys making their debut this year. Look at these sweet twin identical boys, Chase and Connor.

But I guess I did not need to say identical. You can see for yourself. Happy 1st Birthday boys! insert pics From the adorable boys made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, we turn to lil girls made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Finally a set of twin girls have blessed us as well, just recently in fact. We will hopefully get to Columbia, SC this August when they come home from the hospital.

Let’s see what else can we share with you? A new client this month has joined our family; welcome the Mashburn Family!

What a heartwarming welcome we received! It really makes our hearts full when we see family values shining through and makes the photo shoot really fun and the pics easy to capture. If you love lil red headed boys, you are going to fall off your chair because these kiddos are so stinkin’ adorable. Speaking of adorable, Brandy had the pleasure to document a sweet sibling pair, big brother and lil sister.

Brandy and I were all over the east coast shooting up and down the carolina waters. . . Just look at the stunning families. . . truly amazing capture families on vacation. . . at Hilton Head the Layne Family.

simply amazing fun getting all wet! so great to get cooled off. . . lol

Now on to Sullivan’s island to an amazing family that we have been documenting for years yet, this time we had the entire family. . . I cannot say enough about this amazing father. . . yet, i know where he gets his amazing fondations from and that is his family. . .

and I think we have a lil bit more room to show you a family from TN. . . we had the privlage to document a wedding of these cuties marking their 2 year anniversary. . . and the rest of their family truly a pleasure to see everyone again and on thier family vacation in Folly Beach

simpyl stunning oops i cannot spell yet, you get it. . . 2 years and going strong. . . love 🙂

This client is not new yet, one of our most dearest to our hearts one whom we have been on a journey with since from the beginning. Their miracle child Halen has come out and just brightened so many faces – how can you not light up when you see her? She surely lit ours right up! Check out her big sis Maryn that we documented back in May with Momma and Dadda in maternity pics, while her other sister Dagen watches from above with wings. So touching!

This pic makes me melt! i want it big on my wall. . . lol

Dawn and I went and had a lot of fun at the Honeycutt family pad to document their growing lil family; big brother Kooper and lil brother Davis who just turned 1. Happy Birthday Lil Man!!

Happy birthday Davis!

So big high five to this momma of four. . . she is stunning and capturing that age is just a number. . . and yes her daughter Sarah is taking right after her beauty. . . girls just wanna have fun. . . and i did too! lol

jumping for joy Sarah is here because she is a senior. . . We cannot wait to shoot her senior pics. . . xoxo

Tis the season for birthdays and new babies as big sister Savannah and the family eagerly await the arrival of baby brother River. As you see here everyone is so excited!

We cannot wait to meet River in just days. . .
On a personal note, our Alex turned 17 this month.

I have no idea how time slips away so quickly. He only has a year left of high school! OMG! My sweet hubby Randy had his birthday right after Alex.

Then Brandy’s lil boy Connor turned 6 years old. . . WOW! Can you say birthday filled weekend?!? Happy Birthday to all our boys! Now it is time to start celebrating August. There is a big stuff headed our way that we cannot wait to share! o wait i might as well tell you our Randy and I’s anniversary. . . shot by our Brandy. . . designed wedding gown and dressed up everyone since we are having a lil boat party with a few of dear friends yet, no kids. . . so here is the pic. . . love.

But seriously slow down 2013. . . Please! We have to catch up on the news. . . lol