April 2013

Aprils showers…shmowers. A little rain isn’t going to stop us! But honestly, we barely had time to compare about the rain as Photography by Chanda took to the friendly skies for most of the month of April seemingly escaping the waterfall the April tends to bring. When we weren’t flying, we were driving. We hit the road as well traveling from NYC to upstate NY to Rochester to capture a stunning wedding. From there, we headed back down to Southern Pines, NC. Can you say travel galore? Whew, we’re beat. While it feels like we saw most of the April through the lens of our cameras, we cannot complain. It’s what we do, it’s what we love! We’re truly happy to be documenting all of this cool an amazing peeps and such, near and far but admittedly there is nothing like home. So writing this now again traveling so sorry so late… only May… lol

Speaking of home, as of late, I have had some big things that have recently hit close to home; like my home exact. In order to turn my attention there, give my kiddos some extra TLC Chanda-style and be proactive about championing some much needed state legislation changes, I made a difficult yet necessary decision to leave the non-profit The Family Enrichment Movement. Yet that does not mean I’m abandoning this passion altogether as Chanda Cares will always be there! It’s a part of me, always and forever. However, I needed to free up some time to address big issues that are plaguing kids in our schools reducing them to resort to measures such as self-harm, cutting and in some cases suicide attempts as they battle depression. The plain and simple truth is that it seems it’ll take a disaster for the XXXXXX to truly address something and I won’t sit around while my son and other children, who represent all dots on the intellectual gamut, go from attempting to quell pain to succeeding in their efforts and losing their life. This is not an area in which being a success is welcome. I’m sure you would agree. So I ask you for your support and encouragement as I put together a plan to present to state legislation to promote change in our schools. Change that will help answer our child’s cry for help and better equip the school with not only staff, but trained staff who know what to do or where to find help when matters such as these surface and impact our children. This is a must-do in my life right now. I found this quote which truly represents what I feel right now. “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” (Margaret Mead) I intend to make something happen! Thank you for listening my friends, I sincerely appreciate your support. If anyone has any experience and/or guidance to offer as I campaign to change how the school responds and reacts…I’m all ears.
Ok so back to my work…my other passion. In the beginning of the month, I went to document the international prince and princess pageant for one of my friends here who is merging with them. Her goal is to direct the spotlight of pageants to be more natural in orientation and focus on inner beauty, self-esteem, poise, and communication. It’s a great thing even my Pierce thinks… In fact my Pierce was just begging for an opportunity to go on stage. So I let him. Why not? It was fun! I have to be honest though, I thought he would just run all over the stage and not take an ounce of direction. Yet I truly could not believe my eyes as he pulled overall winner in everything (interview, model, beauty, commercial). I’m a proud Momma for certain! and Pierce’s fell in love with Miss Canada… so more fan mail… like i had to mail her a pic he drew for her… crown and diamonds… “my child” a boy… you just have to love these kids and love their passions… Anyways… here are some peeks of kids that represented NC. To find out more about this or for additional information, ask Brett at http://www.carolinacutiepies.com/about.html or https://www.facebook.com/cutiescrowned?fref=ts just some snapshots from phone and me in one… below nothing fancy yet, so you see… lol

You have to love phones…now and their cameras…not to shabby… thanks for the person that took some of these…:) Now Pierce and Miss Canada Vanessa exchange mail and we will see what goes from here on out…lol From her December Pageant this girl named Meg Crosbie won… you might already know of her… she is one amazing talented lil girl…. you will have to check her out…. https://www.facebook.com/meg.crosbie. Here is her sit on Down…She took my breath away….

9 years old… and yes she on the big screen and crossing our fingers she will be lead girl for the 2014 american girl doll movie…. Cannot wait MEG!!! love u sweetie! and the gorgeous girls do not stop this month… our one and only Miley Shea….. right here… 4 years old and already working it…. wow…she is taking right after her momma for sure… u might know this lil charmer…if you do not you will soon since she will be grazing the cover of a magazine soon to be out…. truly amazing once again to have one of my darling pics on the cover yet, this is all this girl… look!

only a lil peeak stay tuned to see what will be on the cover…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get to enjoy some of April’s famous element as I documented one special couple on their wedding day. It was so joyous! Look at Emily and Mike… Wedding was suppose to be outside in Webster NY… yet, mother nature had other plans… so inside it went… lots of kisses and laughter, dancing you cannot ask for any more fun than that…and even they went out in the 30 degree day in the rain and wind…. they embrace each day for sure…and i eat it up… some random shots here….

Weddings always are unpredictable yet, i find i love that…and I find new beginnings to be so blissful. However I was enjoying these moments by myself which was a bummer as I missed my team but it was for a good cause. They were busy documenting a charity fundraiser for the sweet ever Jessie Barnette. Her Amazing family here all Shot by our Brandy

The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise money to send Jessie to Kenya. Inspiring! Go Jessie Go! Just some Random shots by Brandy of some of families that wanted to help donate…

omg we do not have a lot of room…. we shot to much in april… how am i going to fit even half of the stuff we shot this month in one newletter…eek!

Another fun event was documenting one of my favs for sure; the non-profit Bee mighty luncheon. If you want to make a difference in a child’s life, then donate to this cause. 100% of of the funds go toward the kids! Just stunning! Bee mighty ROCKS! Please check them out… http://beemighty.org/ Please…make a difference in a precious life…if you can!

These mommas have some of the most inspirational stories to share of how Bee Mighty as helped them…. truly touching a lot of tears… Tears of hope, preservance, and support…From Bee Mighty to Baby Reid from Southern Pines, NC…. Just look at him…………………………………. only days have gone by since the last time you saw this lil peanut!

1 month old the lil sergent Dover… speechless… I got to snuggle with Mr. Reid. You may remember seeing him a bunch of times already. He’s not camera shy by any means as he’s been photographed in Momma’s belly during her pregnancy, on his ‘birth’ day and here is the little gorgeous man at one month old. Sweet baby Reid! The rest of the month was full of families, new lil sprouts and from my boys to yours.

While I was in New York I spent time with some amazing families some dear and close to my heart… Just look at all the love that goes around…i get so filled with joy when i see families so happy bc that means their children are happy and that is what life is about… Happiness

My first shoot of the month was the Seymore family…. of course you will remember these faces… how could you not…? a walking model family of four boy and girl… babie and ken… they just need their barbie car and they are set… lol Mr. Will has a john deere not sure that is the same yet, i am sure his lil sister now 6 months old will not mind… we documented them just at their pad and brought back splash of yellow they got married down in the islands under a yellow umbrella…so…here you go years later to more joy in their life… love.

 love to see siblings love each other…. truly love…nothing like an amazing sibling and for a parent to witness what joy…? Priceless!

Newborn Luke made his entrance as number 3 to his clan…. wow… these parents have their plate full yet, it is nothing that they cannot handle… they show amazing amount of patience and just so laid back…and love it…. Meet Luke!!!

Mother of three and her youngest… nothing like the first or the second or the third each one is truly just as special… the most amazing thing how much love can go around… so blessed to be with this family and everyone else on the street lol we should just move on down might be a perfect idea… lol we pop in unexpected to deliver surprises anyways…i love surprises…o boy rampling… love you guys.

Girls Girls And more Girls…and one lucky Daddy…

Man the month of beauty…right? like it is contagious or something… Sisters are so powerful…and i truly hope that they will always be this close…always… makes me think of my sisters…love u guys… even thou we do not live next to each other states away… always think of you guys often… love me xoxo this makes me tear up… love this…

Wow where does time go? I remember this lil girl Kyndell just days old… and now 5??????????????? like crazy… right and her lil bro turning 3 this month… it is like slow down…and literally Tristan…lol he is all over the place no fear typical boy yet, one of the most loving lil things…and miss K princess all the way not a spot on her clothes her bedroom is always clean like her hands and feet… even every strand of hair is in place… well her place…

 and not to mention a lil artist… kind and caring…she gave me this when i came in the house… she showed me as i was shooting… so i had to show you as lil bro was climbing… i guess he was in a monkey mood… lol until next time Haynes kids… i cannot wait we always have a ball!

OMG… Lets see if we can fit anymore words and pics on one newsletter…sorry… yet, we have to wish Caroline here Happy 1st Birthday shot by our Brandy!!!

she is growing beautifully every step of the way…. xoxo stay tuned to May…to see what is in store… We cannot wait to share!!!! always something yummy going on! please pinch me…how can i be so blessed to do what i love to do and have such an amazing team love you guys…
Welcome Spring! It’s here to stay, well I think it is. I hope it is! All I can say is please stay and do not go away too fast! Lol.
Love me