March 2013

The thermometer marches up and slides back down…. one day 74 next 34. How is that for crazy weather? I’ve been trying to think when the temperature has ever gone this crazy. Weather predictions are all over the place. We don’t know what to prepare for weather-wise at Photography by Chanda as we travel out and about here in our home state of North Carolina this month. No matter what Mother Nature brings, we plan to enjoy every moment of it because next month we will be away for three weeks traveling and capturing your amazing moments!

A lot of fun stuff is on our agenda and we cannot wait to jump right in. What can be more energizing than a re-do of your favorite spaces? Interior Designer Christine McCall asked us to document some of her new designed rooms. She tells us that it’s all about color this Spring and choosing the right textures fabrics for your style. Here she is along with some of her work.

We’re sure that you will be seeing more and more of her as she is an amazing and talented woman.
This month is about capturing the sweet faces and intoxicating spirits of amazing lil boys. We had the great pleasure of documenting a happy lil 4 year old man Camden Nobles.

Camden lives in Gastonia, NC with parents Nick and Sarah Nobles along with little sister Bliss. There are many characteristics that can describe him such as genuine, a rule follower, witty, and most of all just plain sweet. He is a true boy at heart and has an affinity for trains, planes, and dinosaurs. However he’s no ordinary little boy. Last year he was diagnosed with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease and congenital hepatic fibrosis. It took six months to finally find a diagnosis and was bounced from doctor to doctor because they called him “the mystery man”. A liver biopsy determined the problem in November 2012. This is a rare genetic disease that is progressive and unfortunately degenerative. The family has never met anyone else with this disease. It affects both the liver and kidneys and eventually causes kidney failure requiring a transplant. His liver, kidneys, and spleen are grossly enlarged causing a “big belly”. There are many complications that are associated with this diagnosis such as failure to thrive, chronic abdominal pain, and hypertension. Camden is followed closely by a nephrologist, gastrointestinal, and genetic doctor. Fortunately little sister Bliss does not have the disease. Anyone that meets Camden is taken with him on sight. You can’t help but want to squeeze him due to his sweet nature and honesty. He has recently been approved for “Make a Wish” and desires to drive the train at Disney World. His life is going to be far from easy, but he is determined to become a father and husband like his dad. We cannot and will not imagine our life without him, period. To learn more about Camden and his journey please visit site camdennobles. His fundraiser site for medical expenses is This is a story that’ll capture your heart! Let him know you’re supporting him!

Another amazing lil boy named Gavin will be featured in a story in the April edition of Lil Ones Magazine.  Look at him and his family…

You’ll learn about him and how his family supports him. It’s a must read and he of course is a must see. He’ll capture your heart as he did ours. Please don’t miss it. From a business perspective, we’re proud to announce that we have the cover. Kudos for us! Yay!!! They were eyeing one of our long time clients, Lark,

who I am sure you know who she is. If not, you will after you see the pics as she is a stunning lil 2 year old.

I only hope these families of these children… get some exposure and help there lil ones…I just could not imagine… 

Spring has sprung and with it, so are the love birds, Chris and Kaley. Check them out…

can you say, ‘In Love?’ Sigh…such a great couple! We had a blast and even in the 2 degree water. They are adventurous and trust each other. Isn’t that what love and the future with someone is all about? YES! Love and trust; perfect! They are getting ready for their wedding in 2014. Woohooo! Congrats to them!!!

Watch out Miss Ava is going to stop everyone in their tracks… she loves the camera as you can see… only 4 years old.

I Cannot wait to see her future…

Bumbs are everywhere and here is one beautiful one right here… and just happens she is one of my long time friends from high school… truly an amazing thing to see her blossom and then to be there for Reid’s early arrival…

from the lil onsie that daddy had when he was a baby hanging… i cannot wait until i see it on Reid… Look at him just minutes old…

and of course me a pic from my phone i had to share..i know you have to love the location yet, not flash on my babies eyes…so bathroom light we go it was santized i swear and momma knew! lol So alert only being minutes old… he def his a model following my every move…i guess he was listening to me when i told him he better like the camera… lol so happy for everyone happy and healthy…xoxo

Of course you might recognize this family “the biblis Family” kind of like an icon of inspiration in so many ways…i just love to be around them and their adorable lil ones… Miracle lil ones for sure… Look at them Now… crazy to think i have been apart of their live since stella was just months old… and thru the years look…

of course celebrating in fashion and style of birthdays for Stella and Graham, some spring pics, and of course cannot forget the awesome Easter pics… memories forever.

Speaking of another family of two lil girls and the Prince of the family… one amazing father when i see families every week and when one stands out I always feel i have to shout out to them…

just love the laughter with this family a true joy to capture and watch…

Just one of our babies to announce this month is Mary-Kate…. she is joining her two other sisters. you can say a lot of pink and purple in this house…!!! lol

and just love to capture a baby sleeping this is priceless.

And of course our image for Easter this year… you have to just love it… lol Pax will seriously love us down the road for sure!

of course him and his buddy that he calls “baby” lol
We round out the month continuing our busy schedule capturing tons of families, new lil precious babies and so many more beautiful people of all ages. We feel so blessed that you want us in your life, truly. But before we go, we’ll leave you with just some random goodness throughout the month below.
Love us… xoxo