February 2013

Love comes in all forms and deeply rooted in so many aspects of life. From the first sight and touch of a newborn baby; a lover’s first kiss; a soldier’s return from active duty; the last touch or words exchanged of a treasured loved one and so on and so forth, love is ever present. Its potential exists in every little activity and expression of our lives. We just have to find it and nurture it. The month of love always pulls on our heart strings reminding us of the importance of three little words that mean different things to different people but in the end….they mean so much! This February will do more than foster the thoughts of love, hearts and blissful kisses….it’ll take www.photographybychanda.com back to beautiful Switzerland; a place Brandy and I fell in love with document and enjoying life there. You cannot help but be mystified by the fundamental beauty of this country. I mean look at the views simple way of life that we captured during our first trip. It’s undeniable yes!

However, the good ole’ USA also has equally stunning views that always impress. This month a couple is taking us to Asheville to document wonderful ‘them’ at the Biltmore Estate. Twist my arm…. “OUCH, ok ok….we’ll go!” Ha ha! In all seriousness, we absolutely love the Biltmore! Its breathtaking landscape couldn’t be a more perfect place for Cupid to bring his quiver full of arrows, set up his bow, take aim and release a coveted arrow to spread the feeling of L-O-V-E! 😉 As we all know, Cupid’s aim is impeccable and one special couple in particular, Cheryl and Greg, are products of his bullseye. Cupid isn’t the only one with the ability to illuminate love with a perfect shot….we can do that too! Well to be honest….we make sure we get way more than one shot but hey, the goal is the same…identify LOVE and shed light on it! This month we’ll document these two amazing people as they continue to stay strong in love as they fight through the trials and tribulations of cancer.

Look at them then

and now look at them….

They are truly inspirational!
Par for the course, February brings with it a month packed with families full of love and happiness to couples that are in love. A family I would love to showcase for you all is the Richter family. This family started the non-profit Bee-Mighty thru Presby hospital. Take a look at the faces of people who are giving back, helping out and demonstrating that support is not just words but actions. “Bee Mighty was established so that families can focus on each other and concentrate on the development of their child without the added stress of financial ruin.” Check it out…you know I’m a bleeding heart for this stuff. www.beemighty.org/ Oh yes! There is a lil guy named Shaw who is one of those special little ones who is so precious. Gosh to see him today truly inspires me to document these families that have so much passion to help others.  Here they are… here…with their man Shaw and his big bro Nash!








IMG_6985.JPG This is Nash… Shaw’s big bro…here… can you say LOVE…. please check out Bee Mighty… and make a difference…

so of course here is a quick pic of what a NC backyard looks like with some white stuff… first and only snow proably of the year…we will see! lol


So, Brandy got to play with Caroline…she is 9 months old and look at her now…:)


IMG_0228_002.JPGCan you say this face will make anyone light up…. what a precious gorgeous growing sprout… Stay tuned her big 1 year pics Brandy will be doing as well… to be apart of a family and document their most precious gifts…is so rewarding for us… xoxo

Dawn has been busy this month shooting a bunch of things… take a look at a lil peek of some random goodness…


IMG_3973.JPGand these lil Brown girls are just to darn cute for words and the lil one sharing love with her daddy above…since he is working out of state…they all be together soon.

IMG_2270.JPGSunny is one gorgeous lady that works in Special Education… gosh we need more like her… xoxo



IMG_6807.JPGhere is another cancer free gorgeous lady…and her boys… amazing to see the inspiration out of these woman…

Truly!!! On that note, do something good today! Not just in the name of love or for love…but for you. I guarantee that in return you will love yourself back for doing something good.


Look at this Valentine Trio i got shoot a couple of weeks ago for a heart gift….. oooo give me some love…


IMG_0670_003.JPGIMG_0756_001.JPGcan you say i am not in love with these girls… Pinch me..i get paid to spend my time and document these beautiful faces…. wow… xoxo
Before I go, I want to send some love to all my boys! You make me who I am every day. You have each taught me more patience and better listening skills than I could have ever gotten anywhere else. You fill my heart with love whether it is putting on a superhero outfit or acting like a dinosaur or dancing to music 24/7 or being silly and goofy and every little thing that brings a smile to your faces. Whether we’re laughing or crying or putting up with girlfriend drama… YIKES! I guess I better get used to that… Hmmm, well I’ll get used to it for the boys but not for my husband!!! I do not think so anyway or wait hey, that might be an idea…RANDY!!!!

IMG_4057_002.JPG of course I had to share our Pax… lol
Well with love always me