January 2013

Happy New Year from Photography by Chanda! New Year’s Eve is always such a great reason to celebrate with friends and family. However, I think I am the only one ringing in the New Year working. But how can I complain? I love what I do, so this is not truly work for me. As I sit here though, I’ve decided that this year I’m not about resolutions. This year I am all about hope. I hope for all sick babies and children to become healthy. I hope that those in need find assistance. I hope that all families who have loved ones dealing with cancer become cancer free. Honestly, the list of ‘I hope’ will go on forever as there is so much to hope for. I found myself thinking about how wonderful it’d be if we could just put a spell on cancer and have it be gone forever or something to make this world a healthier, happier place. I thought about that as I watched the movie Brave with my boys tonight. Those movies always make me think about magic and wonderment.

So back to reality…I leave for NY in a couple of days. It is so hard to decide what bows I will pack for the trip. Once I return from there, www.photographybychanda.com  goes to Switzerland for over a week. Yippee! And I thought the hair bow dilemma was tough for New York, how in the heck do I pick out my bows for that trip? Holiness! It ought to be interesting to see how this selection pans out. Maybe I’ll take some pics of my boys in them! Ha! As always we are very excited to travel. This trip will be yet another hallmark on the reel of the fun and good times we have at Photography by Chanda while we work and play capturing life as it unfolds. We’re so lucky to have these special bonds with our families and document their real life special moments.

Ooh I cannot wait to tell you about another tremendous honor for us at Photography by Chanda. We have been chosen out of lots of photographers to document a nationwide company called Pigtails and Crewcuts; a children hair salon. WOW! What a treat! Go check them out….very cool place! http://www.pigtailsandcrewcuts.com

The closest one near us is in Blackney Shopping center… where this payground look familiar… these kids are the talk of the playground… Hailey is the store owner there…trust me you will not be disappointed…if you child does not like getting his haircut… well he/she will love it after coming out of this salon!!! Also, met the President of this amazing Company… Wade… a truly talented, smart, gifted man:) Brandy and I wanted to hop in a the airplane…yet, we could not fit… lol

January brings with it my little man Pax’s second birthday. How in the heck did 2 years go by so fast? Pax is my most opinionated, attached, best eater and best buddy lover. This year’s party theme….sock monkeys! I do hope he loves it! I am a planner so I typically plan 6 months ahead for birthdays. I have to plan since there are a lot of birthdays in my house. Six months ago I asked myself, what does he love? And the answer was his ‘buddy’ who we sleeping buddy. Sleeping buddy goes everywhere with Pax. It’s adorable to see him drag him along wherever he goes. He feeds him, cleans him….just about everything. They are buds! He showers him with such care so I think this party will be a huge hit! I hope the kids will love it and of course the adults too! I plan on decorating the house with umbrellas hanging from the ceiling everywhere, sock monkey faces plastered everywhere and to round off the party esthetics, I’ve hired an entertainer coming to dance and sing with the kids because Pax loves to sing and dance!

Thanks to Brandy for shooting the Party pics….not an easy task when you have your own lil ones to chase after at a party…yet, she always does a fab job as you can tell from above…. 🙂 love you Brandy…:)

Surprise!!!! And boy do we love surprises here at www.photographybychanda.com Well I went and shot A surprise for one Daddy’s birthday down in South Carolina… his favorite things are the color blue, the beach, red bull, and of course his girls….. so we shot this the last week of January and gave him the video and pics a week later on the 5th of feb… his actual birthday with the same decorations we used in the shoot… video was about the girls and things they said why they loved their daddy etc… and a lil not from momma… truly an amazing fun ever shoot…as you will see below…

oooo did i mention Daddy does not like a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought it was perfect well until it was time for clean up and we rushing to clean up before he got home… lol Not one of the girls spoke a word to Daddy so they earned a big surprse from me for keeping his birthday present a secret… love these girls….xoxo

And so not A surprise…. our Dawn is here to start showing her work…. yipeeee!!!! an amazing artist she is already yet, look at her spreading her wings with a camera… we could not be more proud to show her work… She will be for hire this June 2013.  As many of you know I train my team to be the most amazing they can be as some of you will be seeing her in the next 6 months all by herself…. Here she is Documenting a pair of twins for their invite for their Thomas the Train Party…. Can you say adorable…?

Cooper and Chance having a great time…I think Dawn did too!!!!  once again these are fake tracks because it is illegal to shoot on real railroads tracks just wanted to clarify…:)
To everyone I wish only for you all the best for 2013 and remember just do your best and do something good every day!
Love always,