March 2011

March has arrived and spring is right around the corner! One of the highlights of March for me is seeing the cover of the Lake Norman Magazine “Blossom”. For this month’s cover I was not only the photographer, but also a proud mom! You will have to get yourself a copy and see which Pope cutie is gracing the cover of this month’s issue.page0001 Pick up your copy now… and yes… my dearest Pierce is on showcase…:)This month I am back in full swing! Thankfully the weather has been amazing because I am booked solid for March. The next couple of months are also full, so if you are thinking of pictures for summer, please book now. The sooner you can book the better.In March I get back to doing what I truly love, capturing cute couples and parents with their little ones! Also this month, my semi-annual charity event will take place that I started years ago. My neighbors sign up for “mini” photo sessions with all the proceeds that are raised going towards a great cause! It’s a lot of work, as I start shooting first thing in the morning and I go until the sun begins to set. However, the work is well worth it! Over the years I have been able to donate to people and organizations that are close to my heart. Giving back and giving to others is one the most important things I can do with my time and money. It is why I do these charity events twice a year. It gives me an opportunity to connect with my neighbors and friends, and allows me to give them something while we all give to back to others.It makes me think of the many children and families I have photographed over the years that have faced some pretty serious life struggles. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, or the day to day struggle of dealing with a seriously ill child, these people are inspirational to me. This month I am thinking of one family in particular that live in my neighborhood that I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know.The daughter is such a little treasure, and someone that has been through a lot at a very young age. She is an inspiration to her family and brings joy to everyone she meets. She has also taught her parents so much about love, patience and courage. Hearing her story it reminds me how important it is to cherish every moment with the ones that we love. This is a very special family, and I feel honored to know them. I look forward to another session with them this month and capturing even more precious pictures of this little girl! IMG_2137-1


Here are two links that you can read about her miraculous story…‘little-angel’s’-miraculous-recovery/


And last but obviously not least, Baby Pax is now one month old! Where did the last four weeks go?

IMG_0276Time moves quickly with four boys in the house! Of course I am busy with work again too, so this month is sure to fly by. Remember this is also the month of Leprechauns and shamrocks; so wear green on St. Patty’s day, have a green beverage and enjoy as spring is almost here!!

March Highlights already… and of course will be posting all month so come back and check them out!


The Varner Family…. there trio shown here…. C,D, and E…. and Mommy and Daddy are A, and B…. What so much we had…from running around in and out of the car…which you see a pic above with C in it… jumping on the trampoline to sliding around the house…this family fits right into mine….busy busy…and funny! We had so much fun…. i totally took up there whole afternoon…eek…time got away from me…. just could not help shooting… i guess i do that sometimes… love it! me:)


This is one amazing mother, wife, daughter, and of course a client… Dr. Leary is her name with her gorgeous daughter shown here Camille..and she just opened her own practice in Coulwood by Moutain Island Lake area… If you need a great family dentist or a new change from the one you have now with great hours open from 8:00am to 5:00pm… go check her out… Carmen L. Leary, DDS Family Dentistry located 8331 McClue Circle, Charlotte, NC 28216… or give her a jingle at 704-394-3109! I know you will not be disapointed…she has the passion and energy as i do…for what she loves… 🙂 and of course the flower….in the hair…. a splash of me…:) right? lol


Miss Beauty ARDEN GRACE….. those of you that know about my girl names….so love this Name….:) my first newborn named Arden…truly touched i was… got to snuggle with her and capture her lil self only days old… the pics express the sentimental value of special things… way back to 1937… her momma’s veil to grandpa’s pins and her daddy’s fav print from Italy… so hard not to place more up here to show you… Cannot wait to see this lil sweetie grow…. love me:)


LOOK….AT THIS YUMMY YUMMY PIC… This makes me so giddy…truly… first i love old cars…and documenting them at night with barely any light… and to capture D and R in this sweet ride… GPA’s car did not even have one scratch on it…so of course we had to be very careful….  just amazing these pics are just like the couple inside…. we climbed “the blue trail” to the top… and back down….  Cannot wait to document their Wedding in Greenville, SC in May….:) love me:)


Mr. Aiden showing off his 6 month old happiness self…. He is going to be one smart lil man… with mommy being a lawyer and daddy a computer guy….. who knows what is in store for this lil happy guy… One thing i will bank on… “he will be smiling”…..:) love me, Chanda


Mr. and Mrs Webster…… just months away they will be….. Here on the lake the same spot where he proposed I documented thier Fun connection…. opposites attract…yet, the love is crazy love towards one another….so special to see this connection and document it the same time….in and out of the water around or on top of sailboats…. love it…. love me:)


“I love you, Cole” from big sister Julia…. Julia can make anyone laugh or smile…. her personality is so congatious…. i love it… and her lil new bro Cole man is loving her too!


Happy 1st Birthday to Mr. Richard…. yes…he might look familiar since i have been documenting hime since he was only days old…. his rare sparkling blue eyes… he has had from day one…and he is sporting them off here with his big boy look loves music and being on the go…and loves his Grandparents…. truly is so special to be part of this family…. love me:)


“o” YES THIS IS BILLY… THE GOAT… a much loved part of the Jordan family…. Beck’s fav…his second fav is his lil Bro Brody… just weeks old Brody is the life of the party… one happy lil man…. documenting them in their pad on one rainy morning…yet, that did not stop the happiness and love under this roof! love me:)


 Yup, this is our Caroline… Brandy’s lil girl… can you believe she has just turned 1.. Her birthday party was a super sweet one…lol if you can tell by the pics above… she had a blast… and loved her gifts as much as the sweets and guests…. one of my fav pics is her brother blowing the party horn….above…. enjoy… love always, me:)

Kiss me I am Irish,