April 2011

Spring has finally sprung! The flowers are starting to bloom and April is here. That means a lot of things of course, but for me it also means that Baby Pax is already 2 months old! Time is flying, or since it’s Easter Bunny time you could say time is “hopping by”!

While I am happy that spring is finally here and we are seeing some warmer days, it has also brought along with it the unpredictable weather the season is known for. Unfortunately I had to cancel my semi-annual charity event that was planned for last weekend. This is an event that brings me together with my neighbors while benefiting a worthy cause. Each family gets a mini photo session and all the proceeds generated go to charity. The day of the event it was so rainy, muddy and overcast that we had to cancel. The first time we ever had to cancel… I am hoping to reschedule sometime in the upcoming months. This event was going to be a fundraiser for a very special little girl that also lives in my neighborhood so it was a cause close to home.  www.caringbridge.org/visit/kathrynbradley.com click here to read her story.

I have also been filled with anticipation at the upcoming arrival of my dear friend Brett’s twin boys! Lucky for me the waiting is over. As I write this, Cooper and Chance have finally made their much anticipated debut. Welcome Cooper and Chance to the world! The twins are adorable and I have already been able to capture a few pictures of the little ones and the happy Mommy, Daddy, and Nana in the hospital.  My goddaughter Hudson will be one great big sister!!! She will not be able to see them until they get out of NICU… so the anticipation for that is wating with abundance!!!

Cooper Mark

Chance Alan

Nicu at Pineville has stepped up their game each famiy has own room with this fancy mirror… born on the 31st of  March 2:49 and 2:51.  At 36 weeks they are doing great…just need a lil extra help… so pics above i shot in the Nicu and then finally after hours Mommy was allowed to go to see them for the first time…and she was even allowed to hold them… truly special…. you will be seeing more of these identical lil panzik boys for sure!!! and of course I needed a pic of me with them…so shot this as a memory…:)

Wedding season has also officially begun as April is bringing more happy couples together for their special day. Brian and Paige are getting married close to Denver, while Kelly and Lanny are tying the knot in downtown Charlotte. I can’t wait to capture both of these wonderful couples on their big days.

Along with weddings I am capturing more spring families, new sprouts, and growing little weeds this month. I can’t wait to spend some time with all the families I am photographing this month. It seems like forever since I have seen some of them! Speaking of a growing sprout… Look…


Showering with Love…. Bebe Pax 2 months old… Yes, he has not missed a meal!


Well my other little ones wanted to show off their love too!  Alex was glad i did not bribe him for this shot!

As I have said before, I love Easter time; it’s always been a special time of year for me. I even had pet bunnies growing up! Easter is certainly one of my favorite holidays. There is nothing like a floppy ear rabbit with a cute button nose to make you feel good and reassure you that yes, spring has arrived.

April highlights below… keep checking back thruought the month to see more fab pics!!!


Mr. Brody at 9 months here full of life and happiness…and look what he brings to his momma’s face… and yes, you might reconize this fab mommy she owns The Charmed Event, Katie Dowens is one talented gal! Always a blast hanging with her and her family of four… love me:)


The Haynes family… plus Nana!!!  Miss K and her lil bro Tristan…are just so much fun to watch…seriously… they are class acts…:) sad to see that they are moving from our area… yet, i guess i get to document another great part of South Carolina… Cannot wait to see their new pad…. we always do what is best for our children…isn’t that right…:) love me:)


Mr. Kellen is so excited about his new lil sister coming in 5 weeks…:) love this shot…as you might know…totally me and my style… motion with artistic expression… as he calls himself trash truck and sister is ambulance… this lil man is on the go…literally… his sweatshirt that gma gave him he wears everywhere…i guess bc daddy is a police officer… 🙂 so yes i had to watch my driving as they followed me down the street to shoot… lol This family has so much love for one another… mother is a miracle… as she is carrying the second lil bundle….and she is doing amazing.. i felt so blessed to capture this special time for them…. i cried on the way home…i was so touched…. love you, me:)


Yes…. just one week old…and home…with momma… all clean with baths… pure amazing joy capturing these two sweet pods…. Chance is still longer than Cooper… yet, Cooper has him hold on his weight…. trust me you will be seeing alot more of these identical cuties…. love me:)


Paige and Brian tied the knot at one beautiful spot… Vesius Vineyards the oldes house built by Grapham back in the 1700’s in lincoln county… truly a tressure… of course bc i love old things… “vintage” as i would like to say…. Can you say fun wedding…??? as the pics showcase above…. truly a great time with one fab couple and thier friends and family….Brandy and I had a blast!!!! love me:)


Mud, dirty, running loving Carson here…. well first was mini sailor after his daddy… adorable… yet, mud and water came… and that was short lived…o so love wet kiddios…. Mr. Carson is so special to me…bc his momma is Preston’s KG teacher…and she is truly amazing…. Mrs. Brang we love you….us 🙂


Look at this trio…. 6 month old twins…and thier brother Zach 2! Documenting these lil precious ones for my nanny actually… Jo ellen…  If you need someone amazing she will help guide you in the right direction…. go visit her at www.thenanny-network.com! All the kids on her site she has cared for!!! of course my own…:) love u Jo!

I hope everyone enjoys getting together with family and enjoying the Easter holiday. Remember to put out your baskets stuffed with lots of multi-colored eggs and chocolate treats and keep an eye out for the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter everyone!

With Love,