February 2011

Photography’s youngest fan is born! On January 25th, 2011, the newest addition to our family, Paxton Kelley Pope arrived. After much anticipation and many months of waiting, we are so excited to welcome this 9 pound bouncing baby boy to our family. February is the month for celebrating love, and for the Pope’s that is certainly true.

There is no way for me to adequately express my thanks to all of you for the many gifts, well wishes and support that you have shown us over the last 8 weeks. Being placed on bed rest for 6 weeks was not easy, but it was so much easier knowing how much love and support we had. In the end it was certainly worth it as Paxton Kelley is here, safe and sound!

Pictures shot thru the week we were at the hospital long extended stay we had…:( Yet, Brandy helped me capture for the first couple days of his arrival and then the last couple of pics the day we were allowed to go home i shot…. the hospital shopping cart…”thought it was perfect for me” lol and his going home outift…. yet, the only person that knew what i had was my monogram lady…love you Kate….:) I cannot wait to show you his annoucement it fits perfect with him being called a premiee yet, weighing in at 9lbs and 1oz…. so stay tuned….:)

February will be a month for getting back in touch with all of my great clients that have been waiting on me. Hopefully I will be up and running, or at least walking, soon. I am anxious to reconnect with all of you. I am really looking forward to getting back in the swing of things, taking pictures and chasing around after all the little ones!
I also want to mention that my work will once again be featured in a Lake Norman magazine, called Blossom. On the cover again this time! It’s a great honor; you will definitely have to pick up a copy. I know i will have to pick up a lot for special reason…:)
You can’t talk about February without talking about love. This month is Valentine’s day, a day that has always been special to me, ever since I was a little girl. My parents always made sure to have a special something laid out for us the morning of hearts day. It might have been an outfit in red or pink, or a basket filled with our favorite candy. Whatever it was, it was always a special treat that had been handpicked just for us. I remember how loved those little tokens of affection made me feel, and I have kept up that tradition in my own family.
This year make sure you kiss your “Valentine” and tell them that you love them. A piece of chocolate or something in red or pink doesn’t hurt either! I will posting more highlights thru out this month so come back to take a peek…:)

So, I just have to show you my boys…..just adorable… this pics says it all! so, Blessed…:)


Yes…. This is my gorgeous God Daughter Hudson Faith… she is 1 and yes…one of my BFF’s lol Brett prego with twin boys… so stinkin excited… to meet and hold these lil ones… i am putting her shower on this weekend… of course many of you know i do not do anything normal…i am doing a winterwonderland theme shower…. of course the weather man says it is going to be 70 degrees out…lol too funny… Brandy will help document this amazing party celebration for these lil boys…. Love you Brett…:)


Perfectly placed cookies… on the twins…. Cooper and Chance…. I so cannot wait to meet these lil guys… Brandy did most of the shooting for this one… with a couple by me…since i was trying to host the twin winterwonderland baby shower for my dear friend Brett… you see my god daughter here too my Hudson Faith… and her nana too… love love…you all! What a great Celebration…what fun… love me:)


Look at Mr. Zach….one precious blue eyed baby boy showing off his lil fresh spirit and joy for life at his pad… What a great lil family this is… along with his sister licker S…..love!


The Bizzell Family… Mommy, Daddy “rock star”, Meow George, licker, and of course the newest addition Bebe Bridgette….:) just one beautiful family….. there is so much love in this house…along with rock star quality….:) love me:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!
With Love,