January 2011

Welcome 2011! As we close 2010, I’ve been reflecting on what an amazing year I had capturing little ones and families around the world. This last year has truly been an amazing one that I will never forget. The memories of travel and meeting new people and adventure are priceless.
This last year was a truly special year in my career and I received recognitions, opportunities and honors that I never would have expected. I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing clientele. I want to take the chance to thank everyone again for being so understanding of all the things that I have been going through and the fact that I have been out of commission for the past month. Everyone’s support and love means the world to me.
As we head into 2011 I am still out of commission having been put on complete bed rest, doctor’s orders, until Bebe Pope is ready to come out. Just a few weeks to go though, and I am just concentrating on staying positive and letting my body rest. After the big arrival, you know I will be back on track as soon as I can be. I am ready to get back to doing what I love, taking beautiful pictures of you and your little ones. I am truly excited about this New Year, there are a lot of exciting things to come, not to mention meeting out newest arrival!


shot by Brandy of course…:)
I will be back to traveling all around the world soon, so watch out for me and my big hair! From one coast to the other and even international destinations, here I come!
Once again thank you so much for all the wonderful thoughts, prayers, wishes and amazing gifts that you have given me in the last month. My family and I are truly blessed to have each and every one of you as our clients and our friends.
I cannot wait to be up on my feet soon, to dance with you again, to be part of your lives, capturing some of your most special moments so that you can enjoy them for years to come. I love being able to be part of that experience, documenting you and your family as your lives and dreams unfold.

A look back on 2010 highlights….


Just some random pics shot down in the West indies with a family on vacation… due to the privacy of the parents…which a lot of you understand I keep Private…yet, thier lil ones are shown above… was there a week…and everyday i documented whatever they were going to do… from boat rides, horseback riding to jungle tour to documented the city and landscape to the family  playing in the sand at oceanside…. i will never forget this trip… truly has a special place in my heart…love this family to the moon and back… this was shot March 2010.


This is one wedding that I lost it completely…very emotional for me… to make it thru the day and night… Mike and Ashley both lost thier mothers to Cancer at a young age…and just days before the wedding Ashley lost her father…. I captured courage, strength, true raw love…. the friends that they have to support them was outstanding… A relationship of this showed me a lot this past May 2010. I was truly honored to be the one to witness and document this special day for them…. love me:)


Well it was so hard to just pick one baby shoot since i have only so much space for pics for my news…. Yet, this one goes to Miss Stella….  been documenting her and her family since she was weeks old….A Lot of you know this lil girl and this pic above has been published world-wide… truly being touched by this…yet, more by her story…. here is just on link ….http://www.metronews.ca/edmonton/life/article/619004–frozen-sperm-allows-cancer-patients-to-prepare-for-future-families


Well of course how could Paris not make the list for 2010….. yet, actually it is the family…. truly inspiring family that i love so much…and i feel part of…. one of the sweetest and caring family…. really family orientated…and truly look up to thier marriage…due to privacy again…. we keep family pics to them…. yet, some above…:) love you guys… me:)










Mr. and Mrs. Braxton  was a highlight wedding for me this past October 2010 in San Antonio, TX. I get really emotional when I get to personally document special individuals that fight for our country and to see how much they are like you and me and love to have fun yet, have this amazing courage to stand up for us and make us feel safe….truly inspiring…. and to the fact i shot the Bride’s sister’s wedding years ago in Washington, D.C. Amazing when i feel like a part of the Lane family. love me


My trip to Philly in Nov2010 had to make the highlight because some of these families i have been with for some years now…truly amazing to be asked to fly up again and again to keep documenting their lives months and months and years go by and i get to see them grow and grow…and with a special delivery to twin baby boys…. each one of these families is truly special to me…and love you all….:)


On bed rest and shot these thu my window to my backyard during our winterwonderland storm this week………………….. nature….sometimes is so gorgeous…..almost looks fake…..crazy…huh? so love this…thought i would share….. my lil red cardinal friend has been visting me every morning… pretty lil thing… 🙂
Here’s to living life in the fullest in 2011! Happy New Year Everyone!
With Love,