June 2009

Time really has grown wings and flown by. It’s hard to imagine that a year has passed since my little Pierce has been born. In that time, he has delighted us all and grown, grown, grown. I really want to thank all of you who have given him love, friendship, encouragement and gifts. We all appreciate your generosity and friendship.

This year, Pierce will ring in his first birthday in the true nature of little boys; with John Deere Tractors. Harking back to a vintage theme, I really look forward to decking out the digs with John Deere Green. I cannot wait to share this special day with you, either in person or via photographs.

My clients, Chris and Melodie Biblis have recently made medical history with the birth of their little daughter, Stella. As a teen, Chris suffered from leukemia. Because chemotherapy can render a person sterile, he and his parents had the foresight to freeze his sperm. That decision paid off 22 years later.

Baby Stella is the result of a record length of time sperm has been frozen while still considered viable. Making ABC News and People Magazine, the story will be shared with others. Visit their ABC News Article and Charlotte Observer Article to read this amazing story.

Miss Stella…

Soon I am off to Philadelphia to shoot numerous events over a few days. Skipping from family and children shoots to engagements and bridal sessions, this trip is sure to be fulfilling. With amazing architecture and monumental parks, Philadelphia’s own landscape is the perfect setting for documenting these memorable occasions.

Returning home to Charlotte, I will have the pleasure of adding another wonderful couple to my list of happy newlyweds. Rick and Chudney are tying the knot and I am excited to be the one blessed with the job of recording their happy day.

Mr. and Mrs Drew…

Here are already some great June highlights….

Brett & Allison’s Joys in life…

Enjoying the Summer Season,

Chanda Pope