First of Summer 2014 News

So, where in the world is 2014 going?? We are shooting like crazy…and cannot keep up with our Blogs…so we apologize… and our Website is taking longer than expected to… We hope it will be finished sooner than later… yet, as you know our clients are first and foremost! We have been have everywhere  down the east coast to the west coast and now back to start school… How can it be the start of school already? crazy! We hope everyone had a great summer!

Since it is already August, we thought we would just combine Summer  months.  We have been out shooting everything and anything all over the place.  Yet, would love to say Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… we so appreciatie all the amazing parents out there.  We look up to them as they are raising our future!  : )  Happy July 4th and all of our birthdays and anniversary’s  out there as well!!!
Speaking of amazing, let us just focus on our amazing Brandy… for mother…she is like a mother to me…everyday she keeps me organized and truly she is always there for us every minute… here are just some of the moments of her and her family…. And she had a big Birthday Aug 4th!!!
1-IMG_5679 1-IMG_5713 1-IMG_5775 1-IMG_5909 1-IMG_5972 1-IMG_6012 1-IMG_6059 1-IMG_6308 1-IMG_5643 1-IMG_65861-IMG_6993 1-IMG_7095
Look who got blessed with another girl…. the Noonan family  just brought their special lil girl home.   Bebe sullivan is surronded by lots of moms… from big sister J and C and well plus momma… she is one taken care of lil girl…and daddy surrounded by all of his princesses!!!
1-IMG_3436  1-IMG_3170 1-IMG_2893 1-IMG_2883 1-IMG_1938 1-IMG_1776 1-IMG_0345 1-IMG_0187-0011-IMG_0967
The Moeller Family has 4 precious lil kiddios plus one the way…9 months and waiting…. and she is a lil girl… to try and even it out… we cannot wait to meet Lucy!  Look at all of her playmates!!!!  Just a stunning sunrise session right here : )
In Florida Dawn had the special time to shoot this special family of four at sunset near water… look at those furry kids just stunning… totally so cute!
IMG_3358 IMG_3180 IMG_3090 IMG_2830 IMG_2692
This family has all the energy in the world… they get it from their daddy Matthew… if you can imagine there is alot of laughter in this house for sure…
1-IMG_8398 1-IMG_8493 1-IMG_8656 1-IMG_9448 1-IMG_95711-IMG_22501-IMG_17051-IMG_15341-IMG_14291-IMG_20991-IMG_22091-IMG_05201-IMG_01991-IMG_07541-IMG_0834
Twins… eek we love them!   The Heaton girls, look at them now… Happy 1st birthday… down to Lexington, SC  had me in bows, and smiles the whole time… growing beautiful for sure….
One of our clients started her new line of clothes, a  boutique for girls.  Called  Blue Eyed Belle, you have to check them out…  adorable…and I love fashion… yipeeee totally fun!
The Haynes family here …been documenting them for over 6 years now… and just truly makes me smile and giggle because we always have a blast together… lil man Tristan is just to amazing for a lil boy and big sister is so strong and determined and intelligent… she always teaches me something new every time I am with her…
1-IMG_44001-IMG_9228 1-IMG_99841-IMG_8097 1-IMG_4627 1-IMG_3769 1-IMG_0106
Look at this new momma Lorra….. growing beautfully just has a lil left before she gets to see her new lil man…. we so cannot wait Brandy saved us this day by not only shooting amazing yet, killed a bad boy snake and spider during the shoot…she is a hero too!
1-IMG_1268-001IMG_7259IMG_7287Amazing shots by Brandy!
Some of Brandy’s travels makes me feel we need to go back on vacation?!?! you think? lol
Newborn Henry was welcomed home in May… and he just loves his friends already… and his siblings are relizing how exhausting a new baby is in the house… lol
1-IMG_33651-IMG_3458 1-IMG_4586 1-IMG_4651
Miracles do happen… This amazing family has been holding on hope for years now…and now there family of  four could not be more perfect… Hunter is one big gorgeous brother… baby first day home and adjusting quite nice as you see…
1-IMG_8449 1-IMG_9202 1-IMG_94921-IMG_9310
Brandy had the fun time of capturing this family and their precious cat… for a lil session they are super fun and that blue eyed girl to die for… Mia
IMG_7727 IMG_7696 IMG_7644 IMG_7209 IMG_7232IMG_7890
…and to one amazing single momma… and one amazing hair stylst… her and her gorgeous trio….and yes her daughter is Miley… her face you might recognize… always too much fun…
1-IMG_0552 1-IMG_05061-IMG_0614  1-IMG_0347 1-IMG_04241-IMG_0128
The Holden family  celebrating miracles happen as well with their Haylen turning one… Truly no words can express the inspiration this family holds. Mom, Jennifer is more than amazing mother, wife, daughter, friend, client than anyone could imagine…. has one special place in our hearts for sure we had a blast documenting the birthday party and their family session we did… love.
1-IMG_2443 1-IMG_2358-001 1-IMG_0360 1-IMG_0176-001 1-IMG_9731 1-IMG_9280 1-IMG_9273 1-IMG_9205 1-IMG_9164 1-IMG_8995 1-IMG_2877 1-IMG_2607 1-IMG_0071
Been documenting some fabulous ladies and mommas this summer  for headshots… gorgeous…. Pam, Jacqueline, Kim to name a few!
1-IMG_1893 1-IMG_1399 1-IMG_1345 1-IMG_13091-IMG_8931 1-IMG_93071-IMG_8889 1-IMG_9177 1-IMG_9190-001 1-IMG_9482
Brandy has been capturing a lot of the editorial work for the magazines around in which i am sure you have noticed!!! An amazing lil story about a lil girl in the next issue of Little ones for Aug… IMG_1009-001
with love always and we hope you all have a great rest of your summer … enjoy every minute as you can… love us.